piatok 1. decembra 2017

Hi guys! Since according to last years I have made decision that I never want to be in stress before Christmas because of  all that sweating and looking for gifts (do not forget to lot of angry and anxious people in shopping centres and everywhere) -  I want to buy all gifts until 1st December. Then I want to just drinking hot wine and enjoying chill christmas time. Well, I hope so...

I have decided to use useful app called Christmas list and wrote down all my ideas and set up the budget. It is amazing app to help to stay organized and strictly hold to your money limit. 

For the past two years I am also using Pinterest app where I pin all my ideas - what I want for Christmas (I pin exact things - so my boyfriend can find on the websites/online shops where he can buy those things. Well...I am happy and he is also happy, uh, that is the point, right?) 

Top ten 10 thing for her:

1. Diary
2. Book
3. Wallet
4. Parfume
5. Subscription of favourite magazine (Elle, Glamour, ...)
6. Jewelry
7. Mug/Cup
8. Slippers
9. Hat, gloves, scarf
10. Yoga pants/yoga/gym clothes

More expensive ones:

11. Plane tickets/trip
12. Bag
13. Hair straightener
14. Watches
15. Jewelery
16. E-book

Best shops to buy Christmas gifts: Zara, Zara Home, H&M, Stradivarius, Mango, Bershka, Panta Rhei, Martinus.  

Top 10 gifts for him:
1. Phone
2. Perfume
3. Notebook (diary, journal)
4. Subscription of favourite magazine
5. Book
6. Watches
7. Slippers
8. Bag (or sports bag)
9. Tie
10. Gym membership

Or according to my man here is top 10 thing which every man wants to find under the christmas tree:
1. Phone
2. Notebook
3. Tablet
4. Smart watch
5. WR glasses
6. Smart TV
8. Playstation
9. Car accesories
10. Camel bag
12. Power bank
13. Extern hard drive
14. Dron

xoxo, Patrisah

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